GBTA Georgia Chapter Professional Development Scholarship Overview and Application

Scholarship Chair:  Debbie Sievert

Email application, required submission and questions to [email protected]

Member Scholarship Overview
The Georgia Business Travel Association (GBTA Georgia Chapter) is a professional association for the travel industry.  Throughout the year, GBTA Georgia Chapter provides educational seminars on a wide variety of topics affecting business travel management.  In addition to the monthly series, GBTA Georgia Chapter collaborates with other professional organizations to offer members industry-recognized professional education and certification opportunities on a local basis.

2021 Scholarship Opportunities:
GBTA Convention 2021

The GBTA Georgia Chapter has committed to offering up to two convention scholarships in 2021.  The scholarships are for two GBTA Georgia Chapter members, one Allied member and one Direct/Corporate member, to attend the 2021 Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention. 

This year’s GBTA Convention  will be held November 17-19 | Orlando, Florida - Orange County Convention Center

Each award will be applied to the registration fees for the Convention.  All winners will be required to write an article describing their Convention experience for the GBTA Georgia Chapter website.  

The deadline to submit the scholarship application for the GBTA Convention is July 15th, 2021.

GBTA Georgia Chapter Memberships

The GBTA Georgia Chapter is committed to growing our direct membership. In conjunction with this goal, we are proud to offer up to (2) scholarships to new corporate travel buyers to cover 2021 membership and four registration fees to attend GBTA Georgia Chapter meetings.


  1. The scholarship budget will be reviewed and approved annually by the GBTA Georgia Chapter Board of Directors.
  2. The actual number and type of scholarships awarded by the GBTA Georgia Chapter Scholarship Committee is subject to change based upon the number and type of qualified applications.
  3. Application
    • To qualify as a candidate for a GBTA Georgia Chapter scholarship applicants must be current on membership dues and in good standing
    • The Chapter is also offering the opportunity to nominate a non-member corporate travel buyer for membership into the Georgia Chapter.
      Please see link above.
  1. Awards
    • The recipient is required to register and make necessary arrangements to attend the educational program for which the scholarship is granted.
    •  Payment for specified course will be made directly to the scholarship recipient.
    •  If awarded a scholarship, it will be expected that the recipient either submit a recap of their experience and/or address the membership at a future meeting.
    •  In the event that the scholarship award goes unused or the recipient is no longer a member of GBTA Georgia Chapter, the funds will revert back to the GBTA Georgia Chapter Scholarship Fund.
    •  Scholarship funds must be used for the designated program for the date(s) requested or it reverts back to the GBTA Georgia Chapter Scholarship Fund; in extenuating circumstances, recipient may submit a written request for the scholarship committee to consider re-appropriating the award to another designated course or date.
  1. Scholarship Committee Responsibilities

The GBTA Georgia Chapter Scholarship Committee is responsible for all aspects of the scholarship program, except disbursement of funds, which is handled by the GBTA Georgia Chapter administrator.  Committee responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Recommending scholarship program budget to board annually, including disposition of unused funds.
  • Developing and utilizing selection criteria for scholarships.
  • Verifying eligibility of applicants, reviewing applications and selecting recipients.
  • Promoting scholarship opportunities and timelines among members through submission of write-ups, testimonials, or other content for use in e-newsletters, on the GBTA Georgia Chapter website, or at meetings.
  • Submitting scholarship recipient selections to GBTA Georgia Chapter President and Chairman for approval.
  • Notifying recipients and non-recipients of outcome of application.
  • Announcing recipients at designated meetings.
  • Providing copies of documentation to the GBTA Georgia Chapter administrator for the records.
  • The Scholarship Committee is made up of a committee chairperson and committee members, who will consist of the Immediate Past President and volunteers from the chapter; the Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee is appointed by the President and is a member of the GBTA Georgia Chapter Board of Directors.


Member Application, click here.

Nomination Application. To nominate a non-member. Click Here.

For a Printed Copy of the 2021 Program, please click here