Supplier Code of Conduct

The Georgia Business Travel Association is a networking organization designed for professional development, and to enhance relationships between members.

The purpose of this document is to stimulate the growth of our Buyer membership by allowing Supplier members to feel proud, comfortable and secure bringing their clients or prospects into GeorgiaBTA.

Therefore, it is intended and expected that Supplier members:

  • Engage in professional social and business exchanges.

  • Use meetings as an opportunity for education, networking and socializing.  Networking is defined as circulating among members to discuss recent events, marketplace news and sharing of pertinent business/product news.


  • Use monthly meetings as an opportunity to “connect” with clients. Detailed business discussions with individual parties should be held outside of the meeting forum, preferably at a later time/date.
  • Maintain a positive and professional rapport with competitive colleagues.
  • Be respectful of your colleagues and introduce them to your guests.
  • Once you have been given the opportunity to approach a guest brought by a colleague, help GeorgiaBTA show the value our association can bring to them. Be polite and not pushy; make the guest feel comfortable and welcome.


GeorgiaBTA Board of Directors 
December, 2013